आधा अधूरा सा प्यार…

आधे अधूरे से सब काम है तुम्हारे , कभी भूल जाते हो चाबियाँ, कभी घड़ी, या ये सब है मुझे छेड़ने के बहाने ! आधी अधूरी सी महुब्बत भी है बोल कर जो कभी कही ही नहीं, वो बात भी अभी अधुरी सी है ! आधा अधूरा सा प्यार जाताना, कुछ कहना और कुछ चुप… Continue reading आधा अधूरा सा प्यार…


Vision 29

Don't keep on crying about not getting anything in return. Instead analyze what you gave to the world. You are taking from every other person since you were born. Now it's time to payback. Spread happiness and you will again be rewarded with love in return.© Maya


Vision 28

Maya is so thorough, just like water, if there’s one little hole, the water will just find its way immediately to that hole. And the problem is our consciousness has so many holes. Only with right association and by practicing spiritualism we can fill these holes and overcome Maya.© Maya