Life has never been easier.

It neither is for us nor was for our ancestors.

But we can make it better by either tackling it smartly or by ignoring things.

Life is hard because we do not recognize our capabilities at all.

We’re always seeking help from others or follow other’s footsteps instead of writing our own story.

The author of an important book, ‘The Road Less Travelled’, M. Scott Pack said ‘Life is Hard’ which is a great truth, but when we really come to know it, we get beyond it.

When we realize what life is, how difficult it is, but understand it well and accept it, then life is not that harsh.

Life is very complex and fluctuating with sorrow and happiness which actually are complementary to each other.

The only need is to make a balance between them and enjoying it.

Life provides infinite chances to make it beautiful but many times we overlook those opportunities or sometimes underestimate our potential.

Changing our point of view and adopting some rules and habits make our life more easy and interesting.

Love yourself and Live for yourself, not for the others. No one can make you as happy as you can.

Do not always work for money, Money is relatively unimportant. Your wealth is measured by your happiness and not by your bank balance.

Always keep learning something in life. If you stop learning then you will always face failure.

As much as possible, forgive the mistakes of others. If someone wants to deliberately let you down, then keep it aside. It is stupid to get involved with such a person.

A life well spent by you also becomes a lesson for others, which changes on a large scale.

Remember diamonds are created under pressure, so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon.


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