Silence is my strength.Don't take it for ignorance.It's not like I don't know how to give it back.I know it hurts to find oneself alone,But I chose my destiny.Trust me, it's letting me explore myself even more.For you, this silence is a boon.Don't force me to speak out, for the damage is already done.I'm polite… Continue reading Silence..


‘Law of your Country’

Through narrow streets Most of the times,I saw him passing Slowly and waddling,Holding a stick Without slippers, Seems he is walking on the thorns Fumbling something, I can see plea in his sunken eyes Hopeless, Left me wondering Today, I stopped him ,From his Unstoppable journey And asked with courage Who are you? Why are… Continue reading ‘Law of your Country’


Vision 34

Growth is usually uncomfortable. It’s human nature to resist it because it takes you out of your comfort zone to a different version of yourself. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack, say a prayer. You’ll get there sooner or later if you set your mind to it!© Maya