Hidden Miraculous power within you

Here’s an old story my mother used to read for me whenever I felt low.

It goes as:

Once the demigods discussed about the miraculous power that God had made for humans that they were still unknown to. They felt insecure and thought if the human shall realize those miraculous powers, he will be the strongest one on the earth.

This led to a huge debate to hide the powers far from human approach. A god proposed to put it in a forest cave while another one proposed to hide it on the top of the mountain. Then another one suggested to hide it in the depths of the sea.They thought of the sea as the most suitable.

After all the opinions ended, an intelligent one proposed to hide those powers in the depths of human beings. Since childhood, his mind has been busy in many activities and that he shall never imagine that such amazing and super powers can be hidden within him and shall continue to find them in the external world, while they shall reside in the lower fold of his mind. Everyone agreed on this proposal.

And the same was done, they were hidden within humans. The essence of this story is that human mind is a treasure of infinite energy. Whatever human beings wish to achieve, they can for Nothing is impossible for them. But the matter of great sorrow is that they themselves don’t know about their powers.

Recognize your inner powers, do not find them in the mountain, cave or sea but find in your inner self.Do not complain by covering your eyes with palms that you are unable to see the dreams. Open your eyes, find your immense powers and fulfill your every single dream.


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