‘My Grandma’

Face full of wrinkles A compassionate heart I can't forget you ever My loving grandmother Your stories of Ramyana and Mahabharata Still enlightening my ways Holding the finger of your words Going around like a child does Loitering and Laughing. Suddenly realized one day, Your words and You don't exist anymore Now it was impossible… Continue reading ‘My Grandma’



When Questions are answersitself,Life came across old memories.When Desires turned into dreams,And needs changed into desires.I found myself addicted and drunk.Your fragrance might have surrounded me. And home seemed to me a castle, And I assumed my dreams would have wings, And flew me back to my Nestle.© Maya


Vision 42

Those who have stopped in the middle of their journey to get a response will never reach their destination. Success is accompanied by reactions and accolades, but one who focuses on his or her goal prefers to go his own way without giving ear to others.© Maya