‘My Grandma’

Face full of wrinkles

A compassionate heart

I can’t forget you ever

My loving grandmother

Your stories of Ramyana and Mahabharata

Still enlightening my ways

Holding the finger of your words

Going around like a child does

Loitering and Laughing.

Suddenly realized one day,

Your words and You don’t exist anymore

Now it was impossible for me to rest

To behave like elders a necessity

For, I lost my roof over my head

I lost the one who had my back.

© Maya

14 thoughts on “‘My Grandma’

    1. Most of us have shared wonderful memories with our grandparents, But due to nuclear families our children are restrained from their love and guidance.
      Thanks for always encouraging me with your kind words.

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  1. My own grandmother was my chief defender and facilitator when I was growing up. It was a housewife but she insisted that I focus on my education and learn to develop my intellect. I think about all of the opportunities I have because I followed her lead. And I try to work harder so that where is she is now, she can be proud of me.

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