“Broken belief”

You said, you love me more than anything in life. I believed you, Stuck with you in the ups and downs. You said, I am your life, Thus, I changed your Home to Heaven I stayed with you, During all the sad and happy days. You asked my shoulder, I surrendered you my whole. You… Continue reading “Broken belief”


Gender Equality

Gender equality is a term that not only include Male and females but also the third underrated gender i.e. transgender . But the tragedy is that since ages they are fighting for their rights. And the females too till date have to go through humiliation to find their space in this society. The fight for… Continue reading Gender Equality


Vision 51

As far as the conditioned soul is concerned, there is no wonder that he has some sinful activities in his past life, this should be admitted and confessed before the Lord. As soon as this is done, the Lord excuses the sincere devotee. But that does not mean that one should take advantage of the… Continue reading Vision 51