Live in relationship in India

I don't know how people will react towards my today's blog but I couldn't refrain my self from writing on this because this topic is getting on my nerves every single day. I am amazed to see how our younger generation is intended towards the western culture whereas in other countries, people are adopting Indian… Continue reading Live in relationship in India


Health is wealth

Fighting with ailments since years Meanwhile, encountered some bitter truths That life isn't a joke Never bargain it for money, family or status While I've wasted years Struggled day and night Without thinking of health twice Worked so hard at the sake of health Now I've lost all the strength, still can't measure the depth… Continue reading Health is wealth


Vision 52

When I started writing vision for today, I realized why it is important to write so many quotes, ideas and teachings to choose your path wisely. When our conscience in us always condemns and instructs us to choose wisely, but it is we who always ignore the noise inside us. When we start being attentive… Continue reading Vision 52