What social media did to me!!!

During lockdown one, two , three and four

I became a Twitter freak

The game of tweets, retweets is a big trap

My own work projects looking at me like a hungry crab

Social media is no less than a spiderweb

knitted for enjoyment but later tended to give stress

A Single controversial news is enough for a big virtual war

Every hate tweet as a source of news

Setting an example of an insolence filled jar


13 thoughts on “What social media did to me!!!

    1. Congratulations dear for the Liebster Award as well as the Lockdown Tag.
      I truly appreciate your kind gesture. Honestly, I’m least interested in award nominations because I find happiness in your comments and likes. I am not a writer, it’s like someone has got the wings to fly and these award nominations make me conscious every time and makes me realize the boundaries all around.Hope you will understand my feelings. With love.


  1. I totally agree with you about social media being a trap. I deleted Instagram, Bloglovin, Messenger and Pinterest accounts. My mind is free only having my WordPress blog and Facebook to post my blogs and my husband’s sermons. Remain safe…

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