Body Shaming and how it affects us

“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.” — Alan Cohen

Did someone recently tell you, you look fat?

Or maybe you don’t have a pretty face!

You are too thin!

A bag of bones!

A barrel of fries!

Or maybe, advice you to wear more makeup to look beautiful. Every single day, you encounter incidents as such, don’t you?If this happened to you even once, you are a victim of body shaming.

In our society, women face more such body shaming because of the society’s narrow thinking. According to a survey, women’s attitudes and perceptions towards the concept of body image, as well as the effects of body flashing on their psychological well-being, at times leads to stress.

Women believe that body shaming is a normal behavior and they themselves are not aware that they are victim of body shaming. These days, social media has become a big platform to troll the people on the basis of their looks.

The skin tone is the biggest issue in our Indian Society and media is playing a great role to promote such mentality by advertising fair skin creams. Women considered that movies and television shows often make fun of people who do not conform to normative norms and expectations.

The recent case of George floyd of America is the real life example of racism. And its clearly evident it doesn’t just affect the victim even can be a cause of big issue that leads to riots in the country. According to a theory, most of people think that looking beautiful makes you more confident. Thus,most of the companies prefer to employ good looking people.

Many of us don’t know even how to take stand against such criticism and discrimination on the basis of skin tone and body shape. Hence, it can be clearly understood how usually many of us experience a feeling of dissatisfaction with our body image and this leads to depression. The lack of confidence reflects in our working and the irritation persists in our daily life and affects it as a whole. Some times it converts into a severe state of depression and leads one towards the suicidal thoughts.

We must know that our few words can ruin someones life and also can create a big trouble for us to under the Provocation to Suicide Act.A sensible person never promotes body shaming because they know that no one is perfect in this world. And the bodily features are not the proper measures to define beauty, character and the working ability.

We all need to work towards creating a sensitive and conscious society that is able to respect the body image of one as well as others.

© Maya

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