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Save Humanity!!!

“Human life is meant for subduing the modes of passion and ignorance and advancing in the mode of goodness.”

We are not Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Jews or Buddhists. We are not even human beings anymore. We are a category worse than wild animals. Atleast they hunt their prey to feed on.

But why we are killing our own people is still not known. A matter of consideration , the human society is on the verge of its downfall. Soon we will go extinct and there’ll not be one to even write about us. While the whole world is on fire and suffering from this deadly covid19, there are many countries claiming the land of others.

Instead of discovering a vaccine, saving people, playing the same terror game and as a result, our brave soldiers had to sacrifice their lives to satisfy the ego of a few.Not just on the outside, on the inside too, there is a conspiracy of killing people on the name of racism and religion which is being regularised by criminal minds.

I am suprised to see the foolishness of the so called civilised society that is easily getting manipulated by these alligators hungry for power.Atleast, find logic before adopting others. Think twice before taking a harsh step. Have you chosen the right path? Is this not leading us to our own destruction?

Instead of spreading hate, hold each others hand and uplift yourself and others too. Human are the only species with the intellect to choose between right and wrong. Don’t ruin this beautiful world for the sake of your false egos. Humanity should be the utmost religion.

24 thoughts on “Save Humanity!!!

  1. Unfortunately greed runs deep for many and they are bound to consume at any cost. Sad. But there’s hope for change, a chance for renewed awareness.

    I like the ending. “Humanity should be the utmost religion.”

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  2. Really this domacrats or one nation one God civilization, when would that happen. Division of Boundaries should have brought peace so that people in a region could do best for themselves, not using it as a tool to demolish other nation economy. I am totally getting what you mean to say.. if it could happen. I had seen a Japanese hindi dub movie over buddha that said we, the soul rebirth many times at different places in different forms, the rivals of this era could be friends in some other, I hope you getting it… It will really take long for people to understand that.

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      1. That’s really true… Well I’m not good actually.. just like the nations, there is quarrel within a family… You know a common man is so intertwined within self that we don’t have time for other stuff, that’s why people are easy to get fined, we don’t want other issues more than within family. May be that’s why I could really relate to your thoughts more on a larger scale.

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      2. That’s true that we all have our own problems. Nothing is permanent neither are the problems of our day to day life. Be assured. One day everything will be fine. Stay safe and happy!


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