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Vision 56

There are only two categories of happy people in the material world: fools and transcendentalists. Fools are so oblivious that they manage to convince themselves that they are happy in this material prison. Transcendentalists are happy because they can see above the material dualities and know that their parole is at hand. Everyone else is… Continue reading Vision 56


Vision 54

It is said that time is money, or we can say that time is everything.One shouldn't indulge in much unnecessary talks.Talking uselessly is not only time wastage but also consume our energy too.Time should be very properly utilized. Āyuṣaḥ kṣaṇa eko 'pi na labhyaḥ svarṇa-koṭibhiḥ. Value of time is so great that one moment of your life lost, it cannot be returned even… Continue reading Vision 54