Happy Birthday to me !

With every passing yearHair  turning greyAnd mind slowing downBut still same as previous yearsOn this day, I analyzeWhat I reformed in my self?And finding myself  better than beforeProves that I am aliveI am breathingBecause I am still learning. @Maya


Life is unpredictable.

“ If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” Life is unpredictable. You never know where it will take you and at the end who will be by your side. Your fate or money nothing can control the flow of life . The proposed planning of your future can… Continue reading Life is unpredictable.


He : An unfolded mystery

So dense, he never understandsanything,I say to him.My poetry contains more oflove and anger,A hurricane of emotionshidden in the folds of aheart's cornerHis silent love is likeclouds without water,And music without symphonies.I was busy whole of my lifewith family and friends,His cold attitude neverbothered me for years.In the afternoon of my life,A curiosity uprised to… Continue reading He : An unfolded mystery


The forgotten beautiful past.

The music that I  heard while walkingOn the dry leaves of autumnThe same I  heardWith body laden in heavy clothesWhen walking carefully on scattered snowThis ice is loose somewhereProduces a sound of splashReminds,Back to back falling stepsA trail forms in the middle of the ice,Covered from head to toe in uniform, Hanging bags, jumping on… Continue reading The forgotten beautiful past.