What are we even doing??

A very famous proverb “Simple living, High thinking” had a very sound effect on our elderly and they lived a happy life with this thought. They were very simple and sorted. Their houses were built, keeping in mind their family children and the coming generations.

The kids not only got the chance to accompany their parents and grandparents, but also their uncles, aunts and cousins. They didn’t need to teach them morals and family values since they were passed onto them in legacy. People were very kind-hearted. They were not only concerned towards their families but also towards their neighbours, pets and stray animals and grateful to the nature for the abundant resources it provided.

For example, Shri Krishna asked all the residents of Nand Gaon to worship Goverdhan hill because it was the main source of food and water for their cattle as well for the residents of Vraja. Their hearts were full of love and affection towards every entity.As expectations were very less, people were satisfied with what they had and never hurt anyone for their own self interest.

But it’s rightly said that Change is the law of nature. With time, our priorities change and we head towards progress. But one question always strikes in my mind. Is it indeed, progress or destruction that we are heading to? With every passing day we have achieved a lot. Now, we have almost every facility at our home and don’t need to go out in search. .

Whereas our elders had to, and this is why they realized how important everything was while we don’t. Today, even animals are not safe in their natural habitat because of our greed to overpower every single creation of the God. We are much ambitious for a luxurious life that we can go to any extent to achieve it. Sacrificing our loved ones for our selfish reasons is just one aspect.

I am standing on the piles of expectations, and dead bodies all around me. I find myself surrounded with the cries of lust every where. It’s high time to analyse what we are doing?Every action comes with a reaction. And the nature’s process of revenge has already started in the form of pandemics, epidemics and natural disasters. This comes as a wake-up call.


18 thoughts on “What are we even doing??

  1. Wow. Well, change is inevitable. However, its side effects can be controlled by us, which apparently we don’t care about. That is where we make the mistake.

    Amazing writing:)
    Check out my blog whenever you are free! See ya around!

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  2. था तपस्वी एक धरा पर
    रहता नदी किनारे वो था वहाँ
    नित्य देखती नदी थी उसको
    पर ऊँचाई से बहती थी वहाँ।।

    रोज सोचती आज रुकू में
    देखु तपस्वी को यहां
    रोज बह जाती में धारा
    कभी ना रुकती क्यो यहां।।

    तपस्वी की थी नियत साफ वो
    बन्द आँखे सदा रखे वहाँ
    मोह में फॅस चूकी थी नदी
    पर उल्टी दिशा बहती वहाँ।।

    इक दिन दिल ने जवाब दे दिया
    चाहत तपस्वी देखना वहाँ
    दिशा बदल ली उसने अपनी
    नाम नदी था वहाँ।।

    कर लो दर्शन देख लो फोटो
    सत्यार्थ सिद्ध हुआ यहां
    दिल से दिल जुड़ा हो तो
    नदी उल्टी धार भी बहे यहां।।

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