The Mind

Put in a little effort and you can control it.

It is your friend but an enemy too.

It might be your tongue that slips and create a fuss.

It might be your eyes which force you to see crap

It might be your nose that manages you to smell

It might be your heart which makes you weak

Or is it something else that controls everything,

pulls all the senses together and creates a mess?

Train it and tame it or it will master you and ruin you.


12 thoughts on “The Mind

  1. जैसा नाम वैसा काम
    आज शब्द सत्यार्थ हुए यहां
    है maaya तुम हो माया विश्व की
    आज सत्य हमे यह दिखा यहां।।

    जाग्रत कर दिया आपने हमे
    इंसनितत्व जाग्रत हुआ यहां
    अब करना वश इंद्रियों को हमे
    ज्ञान उपलब्ध कराया यहां।।

    सत्यार्थ साबित आपकी बाते
    जीवन घटित हैं हुआ यहां
    मेरे दुख का कारण यही है
    जो आपने लिखा यहां।।

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      1. थैंक्स फॉलो करने के लिए
        आपकी द्रष्टि चमत्कार दिखाएगी
        हमारा जीवन बहुत उधेड़बुन में था।।

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  2. I doubt that the mind can be trained, I am exploring its crevasses now for more than fifty years, and have not reached the bottom yet. but who knows we are all individuals and can only claim some understanding of our own minds. Still, all speculations are worth to e considered.

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    1. Desires are similar to wild fire. As much we feed it, it will crave for more. There is no end and sometimes we take wrong decisions to fulfill our desires, because of lust our conscience(intelligence) is covered with dust of Materialistic desires and is unable to distinguish between the right and wrong because we have not trained our mind to control it.

      Accordind to the vaishnavism we see conscience,mind and senses as a chariot.Vedic Upanishads give a very good analogy of the ‘Chariot with Five Horses’.
      The chariot stands for the human body.
      Five Horses represent our Five senses.
      Mind represent Ropes or the reins.
      Intelligence represents Charioteer (driver).
      Person on Chariot represents the Spirit Soul or Jiva.

      If the charioteer falls asleep or is not alert , then the reins which are to be controlled by the charioteer will become loose and then the horses will go out of control. . This then ends up in the destruction of the chariot and the rider.

      It is clear from this that if the intellect ( the charioteer) loses its grip over its mind ( the reins ), the mind runs wherever it wants and allows the five sense organs( the five horses ) to go wherever they want to and indulge. Then this brings a destruction to man’s personality.

      So, our senses are uncontrolled because our intelligence unable to receive proper instructions from Soul.

      The mind is the center of all activities and is described here as bṛhad-bala, very powerful. To get out of the clutches of māyā, material existence, one has to control his mind. According to training, the mind is the friend and the enemy of the living entity. If one gets a good manager, his estate is very nicely managed, but if the manager is a thief, his estate is spoiled. Similarly, in his material, conditional existence, the living entity gives power of attorney to his mind. As such, he is liable to be misdirected by his mind into enjoying sense objects.
      Mind has a natural tendency to choose negativity. By our conscience (our intelligence)we should watch it’s actions and in this way we can control it. And the easiest method as per Bhagvad Gita surrender yourself to God. Turn your actions and desires towards the Lord automatically your mind will start think in positive way.
      I hope this will be helpful. Stay safe and blessed.


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