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VISION 63 “Materialistic World”

The material world, because everything is temporary, so sometimes when we are fed up with material activities, we stop to do it and become a renouncer. Bhogatyāga.

 “Grapes are sour.” You know the story. A jackal entered into a vine orchard, and it was very high. It began to jump to get the grapes, but when he failed, he said, “Oh, these grapes are sour.”

Similarly we (karmīs) are like that,we work very hard, but we cannot relish any permanent happiness. That is not possible. Therefore some of us give up. Brahma satyaṁ jagan mithyā. They give up these worldly activities temporarily. But they do not relish anything. Actually they do not relish what is Brahmasukha. Therefore again they fall down.

The jñānī sannyāsīs, they give up this world as jagat mithyā, “This world is false.” They take sannyāsa. Then, after some time they start feeling bored of that stage and then again entagle into political activities, philanthropic activities. They see that “The people are suffering because of not getting proper education. They are struggling day and night to fulfill daily requirements. And he thinks that in this situation, I will preach them and will try to solve their problems of material world. In this way, He again bounds himself with worldly matters and becomes a Māyāvādī sannyāsi.

But He remained untouched from the eternal bliss because that is not possible by temporary detachments. They real bliss lays inside ourselves. The day, when we realize that everything is temporary the same time we will develop the love for God and a way to the real world.


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