A Girl’s world

Even if you won't be there,
Will still go to the brook.
Touch it's heart,
Sing An old,unfinished song,
of my childhood 
Even if you won't be there. 
Spend hours with the mountains, 
Swing on the trees,
Learn to get up each time I fall
Memories of my twenties,
Unforgettable events, 
Recall them all.
Splash my feet in the water 
Even if you won't be there. 
Surely a girl's world 
It's  only amongst thorns
that flowers bloom 
Just one thing would be different 
A door will never close,
A prisoner would be a free bird.
Will still fight in the dark.
Even if you won't be there, 
I will still go to the river.
For sure.


15 thoughts on “A Girl’s world

  1. यादे वो जो याद रहे
    कहते अत्तित उसे यहां
    कोई ना भूले उसे कभी
    छुपा होता बचपन वहाँ।।

    वो यादे आज भी याद हमे
    थे छोटे जब हम यहां
    करते शैतानी मिलता प्यार
    उस प्यार में
    दर्द बहुत छुपा होता यहां।।

    ना आ सकते कभी
    थे सुनहरे वो दिन यहाँ
    यादे याद ही रह जाती हैं
    इंसान है यादों की छाया यहां।।

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