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“The untameable”

“You are where your mind is”

Every single minute the mind runs from here to there, entangling itself into millions of thoughts. It is said that mind can run thousands miles per second, the fastest runner ever. Mind is so powerful that in a moment it will make you the king of the country and the very next moment it will stump you. It takes only a single second to travel the distance between construction to destruction.

Your mind is your biggest friend and enemy too. It has the power to control all the actions of your heart and body, even it is capable to delude the soul into its tricks. By strong and sound consciousness you can tame it and utilize it into the best way.

Once, a curd seller tired form his journey took shelter under a banyan tree. He hanged his curd pot on the one of the branch and lay down to take some rest. Due to extreme heat he couldn’t sleep and started imagining that he would sell the curd in the city market, then would buy a cow. The cow would give babies, and then I would milk her and sell the milk in the city. Then I would purchase more cows and would be a richest man of the city.

Then I would marry a beautiful maiden and would ask her to massage my legs. If she would deny then I would beat her with a stick. This way in his imaginary life he picked a stick in real and started moving it here and there and broke his curd pot along with his all his tempting thoughts and was left with nothing.

Thus, mind is very tricky. It can take you to the heavens and hells. Only by mastering it you can win it .Mind is seat of senses, to control mind is very important aspect. We need to understand our duty to train our mind. We need to discriminate and we need to chastise the mind sometimes, we need to distinguish between the reality and illusions.


8 thoughts on ““The untameable”

  1. When I was young, I wished to exist only as a mind. The body was a lot of trouble to maintain. I have gotten over that extreme view and try to enjoy all aspects of life. But as this article points out, the mind needs to be in charge! ❤ Take care, Cheryl

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