Vision 64 “Success”

If we want to attain the sea of our aspirations, we must persever in our goal and never be discourged by the inevitable obstacles that come in our path. All impediments are like rocks in the river of life. We should flow with them and never give up. With the Lord’s mercy, there is always a way.


One thought on “Vision 64 “Success”

  1. सत्य वचन कहा आपने
    हिम्मत हारना काम नही
    लक्ष्य सामने नियत साफ
    खुदा भी मदद करे तभी।।

    मिलती प्रेरणा पढ़ते
    ब्लॉग को जब हम यहां
    खण्डित हो आता अंदर से
    टूटता हु में बहुत जल्द यहां।।

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