Who is worse ‘Covid19 or Us’

It is very easy to preach to ‘Be Positive’ and ‘Have Faith’ but actually it is really hard to keep calm in this situation we all are going through. It makes me very upset when I get to know the increasing infection and death rate every single day.

I feel we are as helpless as a puppet in the hands of destiny, living like fools. We are trying to enjoy all sort of material enjoyments which actually don’t belong to us and for that, we have been working so hard. Now, since past six months, we have been locked in our own homes. This gives a feel of temporary attachment and realisation that nothing is in our hands and we are mere puppets.

In rage, we usually boast, “I am this or that, no one is equal to me and I am the only one who is able to do anything and everything.”Now this pandemic appeared before us as a reality check. Still, we are maintaining our egos and not even taking this death threating disease seriously, ranking it very lightly that covid-19 is just a viral infection and will not infect us.Some of us believe that we are very saintly personalities and we have nothing to do with this.

It has descended on this earth to punish the sinful people. They are very much sure that they shall not contract it for they have not done any misdeed their whole lives.I pity on those who think like that. We have seen the condition of Wuhan, Italy, America and Spain with our bare eyes. These countries have high ranks in medical advancements and still could not fight as valiantly as they should have. But as soon as they realised the complexity of this situation, they put in major lifestyle changes to counteract it. And now we have marked our presence with II highest Corona cases.

In India, it started with very less cases, that too from people who had foreign travel history.But due to our own stupidity and internal issues, we ourselves made the conditions worst.It was very much evident that this is a communicable disease and the Govt can just help us through awareness programmes and with possible treatments as there is still no vaccine invented.

For the past many months, the Govt has put in all the efforts to make everyone aware on how Covid-19 spreads and the ways we can protect ourselves from this deadly virus through the precautionary measures. For that, they spent a lot on advertisements and journals. Despite lockdown and less availability of assets, did all the arrangements to tackle with every possible situation, India was doing very good.

But as soon as they gave the relaxation in lockdown, we took it for granted. The consequences of this freedom are infront of us.Instead of behaving as responsible citizens, we gave preference to our enjoyment. We are not only taking risks for our own life, along with our family, but putting up a huge challenge for the whole country.

The worst is that 80 percent cases are asymptomatic wherein no signs of infection persist till the last stage and this is another big challenge.It’s a humble request to everyone, to understand your responsibility and to follow the precautionary measures to ensure your and your loved ones safety. Or later, we wont even survive to blame the hospitals, government and our destiny.


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