My inspiration, my Daughters!!!

“The love between a mother and daughter is FOREVER.” 

A proud moment for every parent is to see their children flourish with the values inherited from their parents. I was always amazed to see the writings of both my daughters, the elder one runs a blog and is an ambitious Biotechnoligist . And the younger one too, writes poems on every day incidents precisely. But today I am going to share an incident that left my daughters taken aback.This was when they shrieked, “now we know where we inherited those skills from.”

A few months ago, we were cleaning the old storage in the backyard where the youngest one found an old box containing my childhood things. She found a notebook covered neatly in brown paper. She asked me whose notebook it was, I tried to ignore the question but she eagerly fluttered through the pages and read one of the poetry it contained, repeateing the same question.

At last I told her it was mine, I used to write before I got married but later couldn’t continue my hobby. They read a few and praised me, persuading me to write more. I completely ignored and we got busy in our day to day life. But the elder one had a plan. She spent a whole day making a blog account and creating a website.

The next morning she surprised me with it and both my daughters prompted to write more. It had been a long time and I was not ready to write but they insisted and I tried.Today, I received a notification from the blog site for completing 210 posts on it and having achieved more than 11K likes, made me emotional and here I am sharing my story with you.

My daughters became an inspiration and I don’t hesitate saying that I have learnt a lot from them. They re-introduced me to my self and I could cultivate my hidden writing talent once again. I am a proud mother and a learner.


23 thoughts on “My inspiration, my Daughters!!!

  1. Wow Ma’am. Congratulations to you and your daughters on the 200+ posts. Sometimes, even a little push can drive a person towards success. We are all glad that your daughters were that push for you. Alway have enjoyed reading your work. Don’t stop writing ma’am. All the best. 😇

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