Sometimes in the evenings,
My heart feels lonely
Surrounded by laughters of
the crowd.
Still I feel all alone,
And the moon witnesses 
The flattering pages from
the book of my life
by time storm,
But remains silent.
Would he act as a messenger
To my love story,
Where both sides of river won't meet.
Just stare each other,
for years,With misty eyes,
can become a pillar of light,
Between the river and can melt
Some frozen untold things,
To break the silence of years.
And take away my existence
Slowly under his hold
Then every last moment
becomes  miles long,
can the moon sing me a song.
There are many other things that 
Moon can favour me
If I make him the guard of
my dreams….


8 thoughts on “Moon

    1. I am absolutely fine, this is my style of writing. Naturally I think in this style whenever I start writing something. Perhaps because of my sensitive feelings, things happening in the world also affect my thoughts and writing.
      Thanks for the concern ❤🤗


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