A mysterious & Funny Day…

What if, you forget everything one day? Your name, place and family too? What if your precious identity is lost and you don’t even know what is happening around you and who the people that claim to know you are?

It is thrilling and tempting at the same time. Let’s talk about my experience on this. One fine day, it was raining cats and dogs.With no one around in the house, it was scary but peaceful with only the pitter-patter of the raindrops and occasional lightning and thunder.

I decided filling the water tank for further use was a better idea and rushed towards the front porch not realising the verandah was flooded with water. Unfortunately , I slipped, fell on my back and lay unconscious for who knows how long.

I woke up with all the family members gathered around me, teary eyed. Mixed emotions ran through me and I inquired what went wrong. The revelation was tragic and shocking, for a new story unfolded.

Yesterday, they found me unconscious in the verandah, brought me inside, called up the doctor, while I refused to acknowledge anyone from the family and tried to escape from home. Later, the doctor gave me an injection and I had been asleep for around 12 hours until then.

Thus, I missed almost a whole day from my life and it remains a funny incident for my husband to tease me with but for me, a thrilling unsolved mystery .


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