“Stress is an ignorant state. It believes everything is an emergency.”

Anxiety not only reduces your mental strength, but also physically kills the person from inside.We all know that there is no real reason to worry.We are aware of our mindset. That is, we all know ourselves mentally. Just this knowledge is enough to stop this worry.

Anxiety is a part of life. Just as anger comes, there is happiness, there is sadness, similarly anxiety comes. But this concern is worrying in a way. But for some, it is not just a feeling but a fear and apprehension.Cognitive theory also states that anxiety arises when a person’s cognitive distortions or irrational thought patterns view them all as a physical threat.

Whether it is a real threat or an ordinary daily task. According to the Walton Temple, “a man is born weeping and lives complaining and eventually dies disappointed” It has been found that most people who experience anxiety Disorder are intelligent, compassionate, creative and determined. Anxiety disorder often affects many systems, organs and glands in the body.

In addition to the nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system and biological sensations and symptoms that include distressing thoughts and feelings. If you really want to get rid of your anxiety, then try to find out the reasons for it. Knowing its reasons, you can easily get rid of your unnecessary anxiety. In this post, some remedies are given to get rid of anxiety. Read these tips carefully and implement them. You will find that you are becoming free from your unnecessary worries.

Do not harm yourself; The evil of oneself, cursing oneself, underestimating oneself, feeling small in front of every problem gives birth to fear and this feeling of fear and fear takes the form of anxiety and gradually worries become pervasive. Never condemn yourself if you really want to get rid of anxiety. Do not underestimate yourself.

Do not spoil today thinking of tomorrow; We can prepare for our future tomorrow, but what will happen in the coming tomorrow is not in our hands. So thinking more (worrying) for tomorrow will not produce any result. If you understand this, then you will be able to focus more on today and reduce your anxiety.

Control the respiratory process; Even if you do not realize this, but when our anxiety increases, it has an effect on the breath we take, that is, in the state of anxiety our heartbeat increases, the breath starts to go down. So whenever you feel anxious about something, immediately focus on your breaths and try to control it. To control the breathing process, take 10 to 15 deep deep breaths. Then leave slowly, by doing this your heartbeat will start getting normal and you will be free from anxiety and stress.

Try to remove fear from within you; We have previously told that fear or fear of doing something is also a cause for worry, so try to control your fear. Whenever you feel like this, try to overcome fear immediately. For this, you should do such activities which will relax your mind like meditation, listening to music, praying, reading books and inspirational articles, exercising etc. Especially you should take this thing in your mind that fear of anything gives rise to worry. Therefore it is necessary to eliminate your fear and it is also said that there is victory in front of fear.

Share your trouble; It is said that suffering is less than sharing. If you are fighting a problem due to which you are going through the pain of worry, then share your problems with your family or a trustworthy friend. You may get a solution to your problem by sharing or you will feel relaxed after sharing.

Take care of the routine; We are unable to take care of ourselves even when we are surrounded by worries. Anxiety and stress makes our daily routine busy. So take care of it more in the round. Take a good diet, eat food on time, get full sleep, exercise and also do yoga. Quick and good sleep methods may also prove helpful.

Keep yourself busy; Keep yourself active and busy in times of anxiety. Sitting empty increases your sadness, which makes your ordinary anxiety feel even bigger. During that time it is necessary to make yourself active, that is, do not let it dominate you in order to get out of trouble, but in order to divert attention from anxiety, work your mind in other work, so that you will get the solution of anxiety soon.

Worry not to worry; Worry is an evil that also eats our intelligence, that is, it also taps our intelligence, so you have to fight against anxiety for which you have a weapon. Yes, anxiety can be eradicated by thinking. Contrary to how anxiety destroys body and intellect, thinking develops intelligence and body. Anxiety means going into the depths of something and being troubled by thinking, on the contrary, contemplation is the means by which you get a path to progress and success in work.

Never give up hope; Celebrate the smallest victory; Do whatever you like, always encourage yourself even if the problems have increased but do not let your expectations become small. You are not alone; If you see an acquaintance suffering from anxiety, then assure them that you are with them. You should tell your family to take a decision without any fear. In every situation, they can talk to you at any time, along with you also increase their spirits.

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