Mysterious Himalayas….

O Dear Himalaya… Why are you so amazing, Can I kiss your peak or can I just let your silence speak.

~Santosh Kalwar

It is believed that Himalayan peaks are the residence of Gods and Goddesses.For centuries, these peaks have attracted humans, be it for their divinely medicines and a place of penance or for tourism. The Himalayan glaciers are the originating points of holy rivers like the Ganga and the Sindhu .

According to prehistoric stories, the Kailash parvat is located in the womb of Himalayan peaks where Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati did penance,and made it their Adobe for forever.Paramhans Yoganand mentioned in his “The Autography of A Yogi”that all the local gods and goddesses still reside in the Himalayas in their glorious forms and have their own supernatural existence.

It is believed that the Demi-Gods themselves visit the holy land of Uttarakhand and worship Lord Badrivishal and Lord Kedarnath in the winters. As a place for penance, many people from different parts of the world come and reside in the caves for the peace and in search of mystic powers.

The magnificent Devatma Himalayas are indescribable.It is said that there are great ashramas here. Even today, hundreds of yogis (seekers) are engaged in their sadhana. Yogis here are famous for time travelling, walking on the water, spending cold nights under the water and many more mysteries surround them.

Pilot Baba revealed to his disciples that they used to do tapas for consecutively six months in the Himalayas. In his book ‘Himalya keh raha hai’ he stated all the facts about the mysterious and divine form of the Himalaya.Rishikesh is another centre of attraction because of a numberof yoga and meditation centres in Uttarakhand.

Tourists from various places come and stay here in the search of peace and liberation through meditation. But the saddest part is We, Indians are not acknowledging our heritage and spiritualism.


13 thoughts on “Mysterious Himalayas….

  1. very well written. I have been to Rishikesh. Lots of people come here in search of liberation. The issue is that our professionals are unregulated. They drown the seeker in expensive rituals. There are places like the Bihar School of Yoga, the Devgarh School of Yoga or Rikhiapeeth. There’s nothing like that here. Serene and without any monetary issues.
    Your post is really wonderful

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  2. Maya, I recently heard a presenter on Al Jazeera pronounce Himalaya the correct way. I’ve been dying to try it out ever since. There is a beautiful blue lake I wish I could visit. Hope I will, someday.

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