Find the best from the worst.

“Sometimes we have to go through the worst to get to the best. Never give up!

The world is not new to me. For years, I have met a number of opportunist and manipulative people in my life. But I don’t hold grudges against them because encountering such people makes you more confident and strong.

They come in your life as a strict teacher who had once used his stick to make you a better person. When you were not in the mood to do your job perfectly due to your slithery attitude, his single command was enough to make you attentive in the class.

Here, my only concern is to make you understand, how you can find the better opportunities from the worst and always try to learn something new from all kinds of people you meet.

Atleast, you can learn from them not to behave with others as they did to you, Not to use others as a ladder to achieve your goals as they used you and to not take credit of other’s hard work as they took of yours. That experience will make you kind, compassionate and a true human.

Adopt learning some new philosophy everyday and from everyone. This will change your perspective towards life and make you a better version of yourself.

All in all, resilience is something that can be learned and developed as we learn more about our natural capacity to overcome life’s hurdles. It takes self-confidence to know we can weather the storm, self-discipline to make the needed change, and wisdom to find value and learn from the experience.

Remember, the world will never give up on you, so don’t give up on yourself.


20 thoughts on “Find the best from the worst.

  1. Very aptly written📝
    It’s only us who are to decide that what impact such people or bad incidents can have on us. We have to options in front of us either we use it as a lesson or we fall prey to it and feel helpless and bad.
    We are the makers of our future as well as our happiness😇. So choose wisely

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