Song for soul…

Write a song out of painWrite on the path of lifeWrite a poetry on victoryWrite about his creationWrite the message of inspirationWrite fear, not liesWrite against today's environmentWrite the ways to meet the GodWrite the rituals of practiceWrite the prayers .Write the songs for soulWrite the emotion and your wishesWrite all what is insideWrite till… Continue reading Song for soul…


Taste -Ayurvedic important part of cooking food

"Man is what he eats." Do you know that the way we cook our food has a big impact on our health? If you talk about the principles stated in Ayurveda, the process of cooking food is as complex as digesting it so that the nutritiousness of the food remains.Any food can be considered balanced… Continue reading Taste -Ayurvedic important part of cooking food



बहुत साहस चाहिए होता है, ख़ुदकुशी करने के लिए , बहुत साहस! कितनी बार सोचा होगा, कितनी बार खुद को रोका होगा ! क्यों नहीं कर पाए बात अपनों से, क्यों इतने अकेले हो गए है हम , दौड भाग की जिंदगी में ! क्या इतना जरूरी है आसमान को चुनना, साहस तो चाहिए होता… Continue reading साहस