“Learning patience can be a difficult experience, but once conquered, you will find life is easier.”

Patience is a state of tolerance of a person in difficult situations which protects his behavior from negative attitudes like anger and panic. Being able to bear the pressure or stress that a person experiences due to being surrounded by long term problems is also an example of patience.

In fact, patience is a level of tolerance before negativity. It is also a symbol of the character’s perseverance. It can not be denied that time and circumstances are not always the same. Every person has a good time ever in the life, and sometimes it has to go to the bad times. But in adverse circumstances, the person who makes the right decision is headed towards success and the person who does not handle himself at such a time seems to be a failure.

If you consider seriously, in adverse circumstances, the first nervousness arises inside the person and it starts to answer patience and in such a situation, most of them are wrong. So the most important is to maintain your patience.

Take long breath and try to keep your mind clean. Focus on breathing and in this way you will be able to overcome this behavior. If you try to maintain your patience in some unimportant and short-term circumstances, then you are developing the power to deal with more serious circumstances from it.

Refrain yourself from negative thoughts. Read some spiritual books, it will strengthen the mind and you will be able to think with different perspectives.


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