Beauty grows from the philosophy

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

What do you understand from this famous proverb?

What you see in others, good or bad is the reflection of your own thoughts. If there is a gangajal (holy water)in the pottery, the importance of the vessel increases. Similarly, if the human beings are full of devotion in their character, then it becomes significant.

Only Gopi’s entry was allowed into Vrindavan, even the demigods could not enter. What merits had the Gopis attained to achieve the mercy of the Lord? They were above all the vaishnavas because they knew the eternal truth that they were not a body, rather a part of the eternal soul that is all beautiful.

The real beauty lies in our soul while the body is made up of mere bone and flesh, filled with blood that no one of us wants to touch even. After death our people took this body to the cremation ground. Till the soul is there, it is beautiful and significant.

The vulture sees too far but his vision is in a meat. This is the situation of man in the world.He is stuck wandering by removing sight from his holy goal. Many are there who are high on the scales of beauty, there is so much attraction in their personality, but their behavior and actions towards others are ugly.

Therefore those bodily features are useless unless the person is not compassionate toward others. If you are beautiful, do good deeds, which remains in every one’s mind.That is beauty.And if you are ugly, do good deeds, so that you do not mind anybody’s attention.

© Maya

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