When people ask me my age

I say it’s just forty one,

Why just forty one?

cause age is just a number,

and I still am a stubborn child on the inside.

Few years back, I started a new journey

Left my roots to settle down at a new place

and was blessed with motherhood.

Me and my munchkin were both kids

my husband raised us together

The young lady was nine and I became a woman.

And then again, a miracle happened

an angel again entered our lives,

Although I was a grown up woman

it was again the time to recite

The poems , alphabets and numbers,

addition, subtraction and new words.

Reading a new story for her every night.

Studied thrice, enjoyed each and every moment of their childhood

and forgot my own age meanwhile.

Now they are my master and I am again a child,

instructions and motivations Allowing to find a new me inside.


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