He : An unfolded mystery

So dense, 
he never understands
anything,I say to him.

My poetry contains more of
love and anger,

A hurricane of emotions
hidden in the folds of a
heart's corner

His silent love is like
clouds without water,

And music without symphonies.

I was busy whole of my life
with family and friends,

His cold attitude never
bothered me for years.

In the afternoon of my life,
A curiosity uprised to know
him more,

And I found he is still a
stranger to me like an
unfold mystery.


13 thoughts on “He : An unfolded mystery

  1. Maya, beautiful poem about a very sad situation. Unfortunately, I think it is not uncommon. My first husband was a kind, thoughtful person, like a brother to me. We were married for eighteen years, and our life together was pleasant. But I felt he was unable to understand the things that mattered deeply to me. Your poem was very relatable to me. All the best! Cheryl

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