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God Loving or God Fearing

These days, we notice people changing their religion for a few bucks.People today are struggling and do not have much faith in God and can do anything to satisfy their hungry stomach. What I feel is that they have nothing to do with any religion, they can adopt any of them for the offered benefits.Actually… Continue reading God Loving or God Fearing


My Values

My values are as high as a cliffDifficult to reach outStanding with head high and eyes downTo see the world around pulling me out Sometimes it seems that I looseMy strength to hold my self esteemBut soon your mercy holds my handAnd held me up in your armsTo reach my ultimate destination . @Maya

Blog · Spiritual Reads

‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘

Most of us think that we ourself are sufficient and the only controller of everything. Whatever we have is because of our own hard work.It is true that one has to put his efforts, for no one can survive without working. But it's also that we get only what is destined for us besides the… Continue reading ‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘