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False Pride

‘Darkness is the lack of light. Similarly, ego is also the lack of self-knowledge.’

That selfishness instinct of understanding oneself to be more qualified or the greatest. is false pride. It resides deep down in the mind as “I”. Understanding oneself as the doer and acting like a mortal develops the animus feeling of ego.

How does ego bring misery in life? It is believed that ego is the real cause of tragic events in our life. It is due to ego that we start considering ourselves as excellent in every sphere of life. We are not able to use the experiences and knowledge of others by being crushed under the ego.

Every person in the world, no matter how weak or bad, has an exemplary goodness. Due to the lack of importance of that good, we neither can see nor receive it. Our core always sees the weakness and evil of others. Due to ignorance of ego we always try to degrade others.

The egoist always thinks about moving forward by knocking others down. Whenever he reaches the height, his arrogance increases even more. But at such a time he forgets that one day when he will fall, there will be no one to pick him up. The ill-fated alone suffers its downfall, sufferings its sufferings. Ego keeps our personality blurring in the same way as a layer of ashes on blazing coals, blurring the glow of the heat.

After all, how does a person become egoistic? Arrogance is also called a trivial kind of humanity. This arrogance that gives rise to countless sins arises from the innumerable seeds of self-appreciation. The feeling of accepting oneself as the highest is born from this. This tendency to dominate others arises from this. Do not know how many types of mental diseases arise due to ego. We knowingly and unknowingly commit many sins due to arrogance.

The ego keeps on confusing us in so many ways and distracts us from our goal. The ego is similar to a mirage, in which neither the thirst of itself quenches nor that of others. In such a situation, A person, despite knowing his shortcomings and flaws, does not accept ego in front of others. Deadly mental diseases like hatred, malice, anger, vengeance keep haunting him throughout his life. He always remains deprived of drugs that destroy psyche diseases, such as forgiveness, kindness, compassion, love, patience, gentleness, simplicity.

Can ego be overcome? If we accept our sins and mistakes from our heart, then we can avoid their repetition. A heartfelt confession of mistakes avoids sins and crimes by seeking forgiveness. Both the apologist and the forgiver avoid all kinds of mental dissatisfaction and experience peace and joy. Thus our humility is beautified only when we wear the ornament of forgiveness.

Only after ego is destroyed does a feeling of humility begin to arise. The humility that awakens the boundless, renewable power inside, lit a flame of knowledge in the heart. All mental illnesses that live in the innermost darkness run away due to the burning of knowledge. Humility opens the door to prayer and devotion in our heart. He is always engaged in a great bliss.


22 thoughts on “False Pride

  1. I agree with you. The feeling of being superior to others leads to wars and inhumanity. And it starts with the loss of compassion and empathy for others. Thank you for making such an important point.


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  2. There is good saying that in a war of ego, the loser always wins. Thanks for sharing such a nicely articulated write-up on how to deal with ego and arrogance!!

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    1. It’s my pleasure dear.
      Your blog is full of scientific information and it’s really very interesting to read because of a different subject for me.🙏


  3. Thank you very much. Very soon I will publish a special post: ‘India – Empire of the Spirit’, and an essay on Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel Prize honoured one of the greatest writers of the world, but you know this, of course. And he is saying:

    “The morning light has flooded my eyes – this
    is Your message to my heart. Your face is bent
    from above. Your eyes look down on my eyes, and
    my heart has touched Your feet.”

    Is this not movingly beautiful?


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