What is fear…

Fear persists with some or the other thing in almost all of our lives. We’re all afraid of something.And because of this fear, we are not able to live our life freely. Then let us know why we feel afraid and how to avoid it –

Fear is one of life’s most unpleasant experiences. What you fear is not really as scary as fear itself.

The biggest reason for fear is that you have over-identified yourself with your body and mind.

There is nothing wrong with body and mind, they are fantastic things, but you used them a lot and stuck in it. Suppose you have a very old antique vase, which has been going on for many generations and now you have got it. You have always been told that this is a very lucky antique vase. The life of our family members has been going well due to this vase.

What if I come and break that vase?

There will be fear in your heart that bad will happen to you now. Because you have made a lot of identity with this vase. Suppose, you have always been comfortable driving a car without any stress. Suddenly one day someone comes and hits your car or you hit yourself with something.In which you got a little hurt, just a little bit of pain.

But the next day when you sit in the car, pray to God. Till now you used to drive a car on the road, now suddenly you need God’s help to drive a car.It is not that you were not afraid from the beginning, it was also before.But a sad chance was needed to become aware of this.

Fear does not arise from life, rather it is a product of your confused mind. You are worried about something that is missing, because instead of living in reality, you live in that world of fame, which is constantly looking into the future with the help of the past.You really don’t know anything about the future.

You just take a piece of the past and try to give it some shape and think that this is the future. You can plan for the future, but cannot live in it. It is happening right now, people are living in the future and this is the reason for their fear. The only way to avoid this is to get on the surface of reality.

If instead of imagining waste, be engrossed in the present things and deal with them efficiently, then there will be no room for fear.


30 thoughts on “What is fear…

    1. You writing skills are really appreciable. I used Google translator to read.Enough years have passed in your love, not a spirit that hung in you, not dreams enough for you, did not give you enough breath that adored your breath, did not enough looks that adore your features, did you not give impulses that were pounding in your heart, did not enough….. beautiful ❣

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  1. Lovely words Maya – Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. You’re right it is almost always entirely irrational – often based on the minds desire to keep itself alive at all costs – to cling to a version of itself that once served it, even if it no longer does. Wishing you well Maya 🙏

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