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‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘

Most of us think that we ourself are sufficient and the only controller of everything. Whatever we have is because of our own hard work.It is true that one has to put his efforts, for no one can survive without working. But it’s also that we get only what is destined for us besides the fact that we don’t even know what is to become of us, the next moment.We make so many plans for our future but nobody knows exactly what is hidden for us. As the supreme controller without his wish, nothing is possible.

To prove my statements I have a story for all of you.

A rich man lived in a city. There was a temple near his house. One night the priest was busy reciting the Lord’s name whole night and the rich man did not sleep properly due to the sound of kirtan.In the morning he scolded the priest and inquired what it all was about?

The pujari told him that due to Ekadashi fast, he did jagran and kirtan that night.The man asked the priest if he would do jagran kirtan all night, then how shall he sleep.A good sleep makes a person ready to work, earns, and eat.

The priest politely replied that if his Lord Jagannath wished to feed him, he would be fed even without earning a single penny.This infuriated the rich man and led to an argument. The priest constantly tried to make him understand that whatever was happening in the world was happening with the Lord’s wish.

Then the rich man challenged the priest that he wouldn’t work for 24 hours and if God wouldn’t come to feed me then you have to stop doing Bhajan and Kirtan forever.The priest accepted the challenge and warned him that Jaggannath could even feed him without his wish and with slaps too.

Surely, the priest must have been a sattvic devotee who loves God. To test the loyalty of the priest, the rich man went into the deep forest and selected a giant tree, sat down on one of the highest branch and thought now no one could come to feed him there.Twenty four hours shall pass and the priest will be defeated. The mess of the kirtan shall disappear forever.

It was then when a strange man came there. He rested under the same tree, then picked up his luggage and left, but forgot one of his bags there. Forgot or left intentionally Only God knew the truth. Did God inspire the man or did God himself came in human form?

After a while five dacoits reached there, one of them spotted the bag and showed it to his master. They opened the bag and found a lunch box full of delicious and hot food.The master was hungry. He thought God has sent this food for them. Then one of them suggested that they should not eat it for it might be a trap of police or an enemy might have put this tiffin here by poisoning it.

He asked his men to Look around here and there for who had left it here but no one was found.Then the head of the bandits made a loud noise that if someone was there, he needed to tell him who had left this bag here? The rich man sat up and started thinking that if he now said anything, he would be killed.

He remained silent, but the one who runs the heartbeat of everyone, the Lord Jaggannath, couldn’t remain silent without fulfilling the word of his devotee.Lord inspired one of them to look up. When he looked up, he saw a man sitting on a tree. The dacoit shouted and asked him to Get down.

The rich man said he won’t. They thought he must have kept this food the master asked for which he replied he did not.A traveler had just come here, he forgot it and left here. The dacoits hunted him down and asked him to eat that food. There was no work impossible for the Lord and he can come in any form to respect the words of his devotees. Now, the rich man had to eat the food and he would lose the challenge so he denied eating it.

Then master of bandits ordered his men to feed him forcefully with slaps. The Seth remembered the priest’s words then. The dacoits pressed the Seth’s nose, opened his mouth and started feeding him forcefully.When he didn’t eat, the dacoits started beating him. Thus, he started eating and thought, ‘My Lord, I agree, You can feed forcefully too.’

You love your devotees too much that you came in the form of bandits to prove his words true.After that the dacoits left, the man ran to the priest and sadly told him he was right,and the Lord could feed anyone if he wishes to.He is the ultimate controller of everything. And with full faith and devotion one can achieve his love too. The whole world is based on the faith thus we should not loose our faith on the almighty.

© Maya

24 thoughts on “‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘

  1. Yes what your interesting anecdote says is true “Most of us think that we ourself are sufficient and the only controller of everything”. This belief is egoistic and can cause great anxiety and despair if the results are not favorable despite our hard work. I am reminded of Woody Allens quote “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”.
    Cheers and regards.

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