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God Loving or God Fearing

These days, we notice people changing their religion for a few bucks.People today are struggling and do not have much faith in God and can do anything to satisfy their hungry stomach.

What I feel is that they have nothing to do with any religion, they can adopt any of them for the offered benefits.Actually they are not God loving people instead God fearing ones.

This is why sometimes when a preacher of any particular religion promised to save them from their past sins, they adopt that religion immediately because of their tendency for doing sinful activities. And as a result the crime rate is increasing because of these same offers.

Many of the terror groups are misleading the young generation on the name of religion, provoking them against their own for killing and creating a havoc amongst their own people for the sake of fulfilling their lusty desires.

The real religion is Humanity which didn’t originate on the basis of Hinduism, Muslimism, christianity buddhism or jainism. It was only for people, to guide them to lead their lives happily without any distress.

They made few rules and regulations that were later modified cunningly by a few.The religion that is aggravating people to do bad deeds for the sake of money, lust and power is not the real one.

Religion infuses compassion, kindness, love and peace in our lives. Think wisely before following some one’s instructions. You are the owner of your own life.


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