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Temporary World, Permanent attachment .

“I am a traveler , travelling from day to night each day and completing a round of my journey to start a new one.”

By birth, the body takes several forms from an infant to a Toddler, to child and from that to a youth. There are so many things to go through in such a small life without fail. During the changes of seasons, amidst happy and unhappy moments, all of it tends to make you resistant. These dualities are very important to make one strong to survive in every situation. But sometimes despite all the powers, you feel alone and this is the time for self-analysis of what has been achieved in whole life and how you have reacted to every situation that was difficult to face.

We are living a temporary life in a temporary world, where we attach ourselves to the temporary things. We start finding our happiness here in this world where we even don’t know how many moments are left to survive. And at some point when we realize the reality, we find difficult to cope up. Before it gets too late and you start feeling the same way I do, you should start taking some time out for your self analysis as I do before sleeping every night.

I give myself two minutes each night and analyze the activities of the whole day and if I think that today I did something wrong, or even hurt someone with my words or actions, I decide to improve it from the same moment and in this way I try to improve myself everyday. Thank God for everything you have and for his mercy before sleeping every night that you are still breathing and also for the next day. Make your each moment bright by giving your hundred percent without expectation.


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