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Silence (Maun)

“Silence and solitude are the paramount friends of the soul.”

When we are silent we naturally become part of nature; Because there is silence everywhere in nature even though it’s constantly moving.

A great thinker has said that – even if conversation makes intelligence valuable, but silence is a school of talent. All the philosophers who have been in the world, all have been seekers of silence. It is only through silence that spiritual life begins. It is only through the silence that we get to know the depths of life. By keeping silent, the empire of peace will spread. Through the silence we will be able to unveil the secrets of the spiritual world.

People who have a tendency in the spiritual life incorporate silence in their daily routines. They are completely relaxed and devoid of reactions during the time of the silence. In normal life, it is not possible to observe silence, so keep in mind that speak as much as is necessary. Rest of the time keep your mind calm. Staying silent accumulates the power of our speech.Many questions related to life get answered itself.

Silence means keeping silent from inside and outside both.Usually, we mean ‘silence’ is not to speak any thing. This is not the actual meaning. Kabir ji said: कबीरा यह गत अटपटी, चटपट लखि न जाए। जब मन की खटपट मिटे, अधर भया ठहराय। It will stop speaking itself when the mind will be calm, when the mind is disturbed, we speak more. As long as the mind is disturbed, there is no difference between the speaking or silence because the basic thing is disturbance of the mind. So do not think that someone has become silent if he’s not speaking. He is screaming very loudly, shouting wordlessly. He is crazy, just his words are not heard. He is speaking, just the thing we can’t hear.

Do not consider wordlessness, voicelessness as silence. When the actual silence is there the mind becomes calm, do not let the imagination fly. When you are calm from inside it makes no difference if you are speaking to someone. Silence increases the power of resolve and controls the impulses of speech. Silence is internal austerity, so it leads to internal depths. In the moments of silence, Silence of your mind brings the solitude to the soul.


11 thoughts on “Silence (Maun)

  1. Beautiful Maya. I struggle to maintain a silent mind but I know those times when I manage it, everything just feels exactly as it should. I can’t even describe it. The word peace doesn’t do it justice. It’s more than that. A deeper resonance I guess. Thank you for sharing 🙏

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  2. This is beautiful! Thank you! As my meditations have deepened, my daily life desire to speak or not has definitely changed… so many shifts with this in the positive direction… your words resonate so much… so beautiful! XO Hugs!

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