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Do you think that your each work should be perfect? Do you also need Perfectly organized things along with a perfect life style?

Perfectionism really sounds great when we talk about it. But really it is too easy to be perfect in everything. Many of us have OCD and we can do anything to mange everything perfectly, personally or professionally. Don’t mind me saying that sometimes we go to such an extent for this perfectionism and satisfaction that we ruin our relationships too.

It is good to be disciplined, determined, self motivated and having a spirit to do the things nicely and perfectly. But we can’t run the whole universe according to our expectations. No one is perfect, every one and every thing is flawed and it is these flaws that keep us alive or else there shall be no difference between a sculpture and a human.

As we tend to take care of luxurious items , so shall we have to be careful at every move, so as to seem perfect. Imperfections gives you the chance to improve your self more and that makes you a humble and loving person. But the feeling of perfectness builds your ego and destroys your tenderness. Accept your flaws, improve your self, live life unlike a machine.