Happy 2021

On the beautiful eve of the last day of 2020, I pray may the universe be kind to us and may Sri Sri RadheShyam bestow their mercy and protect each of us and shower their blessings.Have a Blessed, Healthy, Successful and Happy 2021. @Maya


Moon and River

Beautiful ways heading towards the brookReminds me of the story of moon and riverToday, again the shining full moon thirsts to seeIt's own beauty in the waterAnd lures himself by his reflection in bournAmazingly, he loves his own selfRegardless his increasing and decreasing sizeWith every single nightI love his confidence for it fills me too… Continue reading Moon and River


Happiness all around.

I cried my heart outwhen I found my self strangledin ills numerous.But today,I saw a girlInnocent, beautifulApprox. 6 aged.Wandering on roadsin ragsIn air chillywith a puppywearing a smile so deepthat stated the whole of her story.Thismelted my frustrationsand taught me a new life lesson. "Whenever you find yourself disheartened, disgusted and disappointed in life, take a… Continue reading Happiness all around.



Every one has some fearsFears of survival and deathI too have mineFear of staying aloneFear to face my own selfDuring that lonelinessFear to face the silenceThat has a loudnessFear to offendMy own feelingsThose are not even worth to me Doesn't matterI have to survive along with fearsAn inseparable part of my own. @Maya