The title itself gives goosebumps and there is a sudden explosion of numerous emotions to the same. Everytime we hear or read the word Suicide, immediately, we start assuming different situations that might have prompted such an action or such thoughts in a person.

Why Do you think our brain tempts us to think about suicide? Is it because of the feeling of loneliness or the lack of will power to face the fears and struggles of day to day life? What makes us so weak that we start feeling distressed and life seems difficult.

I can think of a number of reasons that might push someone on the verge of death. But here I will take into account loneliness which is the most common situation of every one these days.

In young age, we all look at our families as a hurdle, one that stops us from achieving our dreams, a snatcher of our freedom! As soon as we get the first opportunity to fly alone, we grab it. In some cases, financially we have to distance ourselves from our families so as to earn. And at the end of the day, we find ourselves lonely with only a web of thoughts.

Now, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, we start knitting those negative thoughts of unfulfilled expectations, be it from our own selves or the people we know. Isolation does haunt!

I see it a bit differently though. I instead take it as an opportunity to know myself better and better. Because In the race of life, we forget ourselves, whereas the real purpose of human life is to know about the reason of its own existence, another reason why we have got the intelligence to think and progress among millions of species. We are the one who can express all kind of emotions we go through and that makes us the most powerful species on the earth. In spiritual realms, isolation is always seen as a boon.

In the beginning, lonliness can cause mental disturbance but with a little effort, you will feel that your own company is the best, the one that will guide you anything but wrong.

Read more positive and spiritual scriptures, they will help awaken the spiritual insight hidden in yourself. The more you reciprocate with yourself, you will feel a strong feeling of calmness and satisfaction. Selfless love will develop for the others too.

I hope this new aspect of viewing isolation will be helpful to the readers and few of my friends. Never forget that it one of us who discovered the words possible and impossible. Nothing is impossible and Everything is possible in this world are not just sentences.
Look around yourself, The nature teaches us that anything can be created and destroyed. Find your strength and give meaning to your life. You, only you have the ability to change everything around.

We have been slaves to someone at some point of our lives. iIt could be our addictions or our thoughts. And the slavery of negative ones is the worst.
Be your self, don’t let a single oppressive thought overpower your soul. Knowing yourself is the best thing that you could do for yourself.


13 thoughts on ““Suicide”

  1. This is touching and beautifully and eloquently expressed. Suicide is very very broad in scope; everyone has different reasons for their temptations of suicide. From personal experience suicide comes from multiple factors.

    However, when we can steer our focus and perspective into a new realm, and see lonliness (one cause of suicide) as an opportunity to evolve and spirituality develop. After spending four years of isolation in my bedroom from a young age I know this well, I had a spiritual awakening and being alone was the catalyst for who I am today.

    Great post, keep writing!!

    Love to you, Amber ❤🙏

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    1. Thanks a lot Amber for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
      Everyone has their own story and no one is completely happy. Life is an attempt to be perfect from the imperfect, And that’s the beauty of it ❤.

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  2. My father committed suicide in 1983. He was 30 years old. Depressed, and alcoholic. He just saw no hope in anything. So this touches my heart closely. The signs were not available as they are now. He had every tell tale sign. He has been gone for so long now. I was 9 years old. I will love him forever, and I wish no one to feel as lonely, and depressed as he was. Which I know all too many in these time’s especially. God has him, and I know that even as lost as he was here on earth he is in heaven. He just got caught in a downward spiral.

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    1. I’m sorry for what happened but I’m glad you still cherish his memories in your heart. This must have been an awful experience but God gave you the strength to overcome it and that is your superpower!
      Much Love.

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  3. We have no way of monitoring the extent of damage unnatural substance has within our gut, unnatural damage, damages the relationship we carry around within ourself..

    Unknowingly on a day to day basis..

    Then our journey of life becomes more intense that of strain and conflict than living.. 🙏💙

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