Spiritual Reads

From the “unconscious” to the “conscious”.

Our life contains many possibilities within ourselves. Like every creature, we humans are also involved in external and inner journey with our own free expression, with constant and solitary expressions of life created by the combination of two components, body and consciousness. Rather our body doesn’t know consciousness, whereas consciousness is capable of realizing the subtle reflection produced in the body.

In fact, most of us do not know what we need and how to get it. We neither know nor understand the real need of our soul. Sometimes suddenly our necessities deeply crusade the subtle thoughts that are rising inside our unconscious mind.

For example, our dear family members who live with us all the time, after their sudden death, go away from us even if they don’t want to. Despite remembering millions times, remain away from us forever. This state implies a feeling of “emptiness” because of the disconnection with our loved ones. But your Consciousness tries to fill this void and converts these feelings into memories.

Our consciousness keeps making us feel every little feeling associated with the memory of life, but still in the midst of other tasks of life, we ignore it and keep busy in other works of life. We move slowly in the journey of life, but that feeling leaves an indelible mark on our consciousness.

The pure conscience is helpful in making a normal person a great human being and the thoughts are so deep that they repeatedly knock on our psyche and that realization produces an elusive and wonderful dimension of “joy”. In order to achieve this state, we are stuck in the cycle of birth and death since long, but due to not knowing the purpose of life and the connection between mind, body and soul, the eternal journey is confused.