Pain of consciousness

Do you still have me withinOrAm I dumped for the sake of your lusty desiresCreeping under the layers of thick skin Are you still capable to understandthe difference between right and wrong.And that two wrongs can't make a rightOr is this word long gone from your dictionary.Are you listening to the trembled urgeObserving the broken… Continue reading Pain of consciousness


Vision 89

This tight knot of false ego is due to ignorance. As long as one isignorant about his identity, he is sure to act wrong andthereby become entangled in material contamination. This ignoranceof factual knowledge can also be dissipated by spiritual advancement which is the most capable to make us liberal. @Maya


The Rainbow life

Eyes full of despairCarrying a beautiful smileThe way life is going on,Sometimes a bright sunSometimes a cloudy skyConsoling selfThe rainbow is just a mile. Restless insideDesperate throbbingDespite the counted stepsCalm on the outside In such a wayI hide my inner thoughts underneath.Moving ahead to steal the worldly joys,Making my ways to conquer,My own life. @Maya


The Truth of Life

Life is nothing,But more like a battleBattle to complete the distance from one end to another.An engagement to keep you activeto turn your days into nights,Every dayCreeping to join the dots between life and death.Despite all,finding the real truth behind the birthcan make you the real succeeder. @Maya


A touch !!!

Dear !Did you ever experienceA Loving touch of your's on a rock? In a couple of daysYou will find the skew ariseOn the smooth surface of the rock. Love has great potentialIt can liquefy a stone with its heatIt can do everything. It can make you do anythingEnthralling you with it's impose. @Maya