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Vision 91 ‘Compromise’

” I will never compromise Truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.”

Think for yourself in your life where you had to compromise?  Whether it is education, career, marriage, where did you compromise, are you happy with it?  No, it cannot happen, a human being can never be happy by working with agreement.  Even to say that many times people say that you have to compromise in life only then you can move forward in life. 

But it is also true that life cuts by agreement, it will be not that life for which we actually craved for, a conflict remains in mind and always a corner of the heart feels empty.  And sometimes this empty corner would have taken the wrong step, and for which one has to regret.

To survive we have to compromise many a times in our life. Sometimes we compromise for small things and some times it can be at the risk of everything.

Few situations we all faced at some point of our lives to make our loved one happy we start comprising at every situation. And slowly it becomes the part of our life. I’m not saying that compromises are always wrong. Even at larger view even our Governments has to do few deals or compromises to save our country or for the business deals for the development. Well I would say it makes sense because the definition of compromise is different for everyone and according the demand of time.

But, we should also think about the bad aspects related to it before moving forward for some big deals and should be fully prepared for it. If things will also go against us, we should be ready to endure them alone. But not at the cost of our respect. We must have some ethics in our lives and must be aware that situations can be worse but that worse will never be the end of our morale that we set for ourselves


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