The title itself gives goosebumps and there is a sudden explosion of numerous emotions to the same. Everytime we hear or read the word Suicide, immediately, we start assuming different situations that might have prompted such an action or such thoughts in a person. Why Do you think our brain tempts us to think about… Continue reading “Suicide”

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In this materialistic world, you can't satisfy anyone because of the unlimited desires but on the other hand When you do a little service to the lord he benedicts all worldly pleasures in return. The lord is very merciful, his love for his devotees is incomparable. I've read many instances where he himself came disguised… Continue reading Chaliya…

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‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘

Most of us think that we ourself are sufficient and the only controller of everything. Whatever we have is because of our own hard work.It is true that one has to put his efforts, for no one can survive without working. But it's also that we get only what is destined for us besides the… Continue reading ‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘