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Temporary World, Permanent attachment .

"I am a traveler , travelling from day to night each day and completing a round of my journey to start a new one." By birth, the body takes several forms from an infant to a Toddler, to child and from that to a youth. There are so many things to go through in such… Continue reading Temporary World, Permanent attachment .

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I am surprised to see the world changing a bit everyday, but change is the law of nature, there is nothing new in it, yet why is it a bit prickly. It is not that I am stringent, in my thinking, I also like change, to learn something new, I have also changed, something to… Continue reading Change

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‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘

Most of us think that we ourself are sufficient and the only controller of everything. Whatever we have is because of our own hard work.It is true that one has to put his efforts, for no one can survive without working. But it's also that we get only what is destined for us besides the… Continue reading ‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘