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"Self-confidence is virtually a mental and spiritual power." With confidence, we attain freedom of thought and can achieve success in the execution of great works. A person full of self-confidence doesn't worry for his future.He is always free from doubts on his own self and those on other people. This is the inner spirit of… Continue reading Self-confidence

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False Pride

'Darkness is the lack of light. Similarly, ego is also the lack of self-knowledge.' That selfishness instinct of understanding oneself to be more qualified or the greatest. is false pride. It resides deep down in the mind as "I". Understanding oneself as the doer and acting like a mortal develops the animus feeling of ego.… Continue reading False Pride

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Navda Bhakti (Nine forms of devotion)

In context to my previous post difference between religion and devotion here I am explaining the forms of devotion. Shri Rama himself narrated nine forms of devotion to Mata Shabri during his exile. Lord Rama and his younger brother Laxmana were searching for Mata Sita and visited Mata Shabri, an old woman, a pure devotee,… Continue reading Navda Bhakti (Nine forms of devotion)

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Difference between religion and devotion

ईश्वरे परमं प्रेम, भक्तिरित्यभिधीयते। आसक्तिविषय प्रेम देहदारगृहादिषु।। The ultimate love for God is called devotion. The love of your body or wife or home or other subjects is called aspects. According to Oxford Dictionary, 'Religion' means 'a system of faith', i.e. the method of confidence. We should understand that rituals, the method of faith or… Continue reading Difference between religion and devotion


Taste -Ayurvedic important part of cooking food

"Man is what he eats." Do you know that the way we cook our food has a big impact on our health? If you talk about the principles stated in Ayurveda, the process of cooking food is as complex as digesting it so that the nutritiousness of the food remains.Any food can be considered balanced… Continue reading Taste -Ayurvedic important part of cooking food