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When I was born.

When I was bornI was a blank canvasA life of different colors gifted by God Given to me with a faithA believe in my own selfby my LordTo make it more beautiful. To color it in a rainbowWith different emotionsBut sadly I ruined itBy painting it in lust and egoIn the colors of hate and… Continue reading When I was born.



One fine night I found myselfSurrounded by numerous thoughts. Few were crazy and few were about those who don't mean a thing to me anymore. I saw a few peeping through the light holesThey consisted of me more than my own. @Maya


My Values

My values are as high as a cliffDifficult to reach outStanding with head high and eyes downTo see the world around pulling me out Sometimes it seems that I looseMy strength to hold my self esteemBut soon your mercy holds my handAnd held me up in your armsTo reach my ultimate destination . @Maya


A touch !!!

Dear !Did you ever experienceA Loving touch of your's on a rock? In a couple of daysYou will find the skew ariseOn the smooth surface of the rock. Love has great potentialIt can liquefy a stone with its heatIt can do everything. It can make you do anythingEnthralling you with it's impose. @Maya