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Vision 84

When we truly desire to survive for our selves, we become painfully aware of how often our actions are motivated by the desire to impress others. At the end we find ourselves lost in the world, without knowing the real truth that we are actually carrying same beautiful universe within ourselves. Believe in yourself so… Continue reading Vision 84

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Unpredictability of life or thoughts and actions.

Usually, we say that life is unpredictable. But here I would prefer expressing my aspect. What I feel is that actually, more unpredictable is the wavelength of our actions and thoughts. We can predict life to some extent based on our actions but it is very difficult to predict the waves of our thoughts and… Continue reading Unpredictability of life or thoughts and actions.

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From the “unconscious” to the “conscious”.

Our life contains many possibilities within ourselves. Like every creature, we humans are also involved in external and inner journey with our own free expression, with constant and solitary expressions of life created by the combination of two components, body and consciousness. Rather our body doesn't know consciousness, whereas consciousness is capable of realizing the… Continue reading From the “unconscious” to the “conscious”.