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Vision 91 ‘Compromise’

'' I will never compromise Truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.'' Think for yourself in your life where you had to compromise?  Whether it is education, career, marriage, where did you compromise, are you happy with it?  No, it cannot happen, a human being… Continue reading Vision 91 ‘Compromise’


Vision 90

Every living entity under the spell of material energy is held to be in an abnormal condition of madness. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is said: "Generally, the conditioned soul is mad because he is always engaged in activities which are the causes of bondage and suffering."Spirit soul in its original condition is joyful, blissful, eternal… Continue reading Vision 90


Vision 89

This tight knot of false ego is due to ignorance. As long as one isignorant about his identity, he is sure to act wrong andthereby become entangled in material contamination. This ignoranceof factual knowledge can also be dissipated by spiritual advancement which is the most capable to make us liberal. @Maya


Vision 88

Whatever we are seeing all around is a creation of God which means everything belongs to him. Since we are considering his property as ours, due to material attachments, we are going through all the pains and miseries. As soon as we shall accept this, we shall be liberated. @Maya

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Unpredictability of life or thoughts and actions.

Usually, we say that life is unpredictable. But here I would prefer expressing my aspect. What I feel is that actually, more unpredictable is the wavelength of our actions and thoughts. We can predict life to some extent based on our actions but it is very difficult to predict the waves of our thoughts and… Continue reading Unpredictability of life or thoughts and actions.


Happy 2021

On the beautiful eve of the last day of 2020, I pray may the universe be kind to us and may Sri Sri RadheShyam bestow their mercy and protect each of us and shower their blessings.Have a Blessed, Healthy, Successful and Happy 2021. @Maya