Happiness all around.

I cried my heart outwhen I found my self strangledin ills numerous.But today,I saw a girlInnocent, beautifulApprox. 6 aged.Wandering on roadsin ragsIn air chillywith a puppywearing a smile so deepthat stated the whole of her story.Thismelted my frustrationsand taught me a new life lesson. "Whenever you find yourself disheartened, disgusted and disappointed in life, take a… Continue reading Happiness all around.

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Temporary World, Permanent attachment .

"I am a traveler , travelling from day to night each day and completing a round of my journey to start a new one." By birth, the body takes several forms from an infant to a Toddler, to child and from that to a youth. There are so many things to go through in such… Continue reading Temporary World, Permanent attachment .


Vision 57

Spirit and matter are completely contradictory things. All of us are spiritual entities. We cannot have perfect happiness, which is our birthright, however much we may meddle with the affairs of mundane things. Perfect happiness can be ours only when we are restored to our natural state of spiritual existence.© Maya

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Vision 56

There are only two categories of happy people in the material world: fools and transcendentalists. Fools are so oblivious that they manage to convince themselves that they are happy in this material prison. Transcendentalists are happy because they can see above the material dualities and know that their parole is at hand. Everyone else is… Continue reading Vision 56


Vision 29

Don't keep on crying about not getting anything in return. Instead analyze what you gave to the world. You are taking from every other person since you were born. Now it's time to payback. Spread happiness and you will again be rewarded with love in return.© Maya